Steel and mail and gilded crossbow
Feather of the ancient windbird
Wide as wonder, tall as starlight...

Lords of Earth and Lords of Fire

Eight years have passed since the treaty that ended the Patternfall War. King Random and Queen Vialle rule the eternal city of Amber with an even hand and together deliver their realm unto a time of peace and prosperity. King Swayvill sits Chaos' basalt throne without queen or consort, his own strength sufficient to maintain his rule without dependence upon heirs and dynasty.

But the ambassadors and explorers who traverse the great stretch of Shadow between the poles, single tracks in an infinite wilderness, disappear with increasing frequency. Those who return have begun to report great storms that blur or break the boundaries between worlds - and great darknesses that devour all that they touch, then vanish without a trace.

Everyone knew the good fortune couldn't last.


Lords of Earth and Lords of Fire is a play-by-email game using the Amber Diceless Roleplaying system from Phage Press. Turns are projected to be issued once a week. The game has not yet started, and we are taking applications. Join us in making the vast world of Roger Zelazny's Amber just a little vaster yet!




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The quote at the head of this page is from "Elf Glade, by Meg Davis.