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Lords of Earth and Lords of Fire

Houses of Chaos



House Hendrake is one of the eight Great Houses of Chaos, laying strong claim to noble blood. Hendrake has not ventured too far into the political maneuvering, however, preferring by and large simply to back King Swayvill's decisions with their own strength and their own blades.

And what blades they are. Hendrake is a House most martial, its children silently expected either to take up weaponswork and strategy and logistics virtually with their mother's milk, or to leave the House for a Guild. And even then, the only truly respected Guild is Ferria - and only the weaponsmiths, at that.

Many notable denizens of the Courts are of Hendrake's blood. Guildmistress Lady Evalie, the fragile, soft-spoken head of Guild Physia, is one of its self-exiled children. Brigid, the reclusive bladeworker who is Guild Ferria's acknowledged and near-legendary best, is another. But both of these pale beside the late Lord Borel. Chaos' master of the blade, a man of utterly untarnished honor - struck down by Prince Corwin of Amber, the Opener of the Way himself. Not in the duel Borel offered him; if it had been, Corwin would have been hailed by Hendrake, not hated. Not in fair combat even without the Code Duello; if it had been, Hendrake would have accepted its loss. But by tricks and treachery, Corwin conquered. And that will be a bitterness at Hendrake's heart for a vaery long time.

Hendrake is currently headed by Duke Larsus.


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