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House Helgram is one of the eight Great Houses of Chaos, laying strong claim to noble blood. Of all the Great Houses, however, Helgram is the one of the least trusted - perhaps merely because Helgram is renowned for sorceries not entirely either approved of or perhaps even sane; perhaps because of more recent associations. It was Helgram's maneuvering that allowed the Black Road to be created, and it was Helgram that worked with Prince Brand of Amber to develop the audacious plan to destroy the Pattern entirely.

Helgram's associations with Amberites have been more than political. Lintra was numbered among this House's forces, and Dara - now married into Sawall - was born here. Too, Fiorinda Helgram stands out among the widows of the Great War: part of the contract between Clarissa's brood and Helgram was sealed with Fiorinda's very marriage to Brand.

Helgram is currently headed by Duchess Brellion.


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