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Houses of Chaos



House Daverian is one of the eight Great Houses of Chaos, laying strong claim to noble blood. It also lays claim - unabashed claim, at that - to hot blood. A disproportionate number of the explorers of Chaos, from Pit-divers to Shadowcrawlers, trace their lineage to this House; so do rabble-rousers and champions of causes. Just which cause is championed may vary, sometimes from day to day, but generally it's done all with the same whole-hearted savor. The typical Daverian breeds widely, travels widely, and dies young.

This is also one of the most expansionist Houses. Its strength in the Courts proper is lower than might be expected mainly because so many of their short-lived youth are either serving as military governors in their empire of Shadow... or conquering new lands to add to that empire. Nonetheless, Daverian was well-represented among the forces sent along the Black Road (though many of this House also argued equally fervently against the fight), and every available man and woman and even demon that had given Daverian their allegiance dropped all other business and quarrel to take the field when Amber's armies came against Chaos directly.

House Daverian is currently headed by Duke Zephyros.


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