Steel and mail and gilded crossbow
Feather of the ancient windbird
Wide as wonder, tall as starlight...

Lords of Earth and Lords of Fire

Character Creation Guidelines



AUCTION: There will be no Attribute Auction for Lords. Instead, characters may assign points where they please. How many points? 125, not 100.

SHADOW KNIGHT: Rules, powers, and so forth from the Shadow Knight book will be considered on a case-by-case basis in character generation. Some things we may be swayed by arguments on. Some things that we won't be swayed about:

POWERS: Partial powers may be negotiated. Exalted powers are not available at character generation unless you have a really really good reason and a really really good bribe. New power packages (ever wanted to play a Weir?) can be negotiated. Jewel Attunement is unlikely for a starting character... you get the idea.

ITEMS: Items are at your own risk, especially implanted items. The better the story and less abusive the item, the less risk you're taking. We'd like to see a good description of the item, what it can do, and where you got it. If it's good enough, you might even find out something you didn't know at a particularly opportune time. Then again, it might also be a particularly inopportune time...

DEVOTEES: Devotees and Allies can be alienated, killed, or even lost.

CONTRIBUTIONS: If you choose to do a contribution, it's due once a month. Being late on one month's is fine. Missing a second month without making up the late one loses you the points. It doesn't have to be much of a contribution, but we'd like to see at least a quick scribble. The exception to this: If you choose to contribute cookies or fudge, it's due every other month... :-)

UNUSUAL CHARACTERS: Like new power packages, weird ideas can be discussed with the GMs. We may say no, but it can't hurt (much) to ask.

TURNS: Turns will be sent out a minimum of once per week, Thursday nights. They may be sent more often, but that's not guaranteed.

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The quote at the head of this page is from "Elf Glade, by Meg Davis.