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Lords of Earth and Lords of Fire

Houses of Chaos



House Chanicut is one of the eight Great Houses of Chaos, laying strong claim to noble blood. It is, however, not a house militant: its strength lies in mercantile matters. Reputation claims that a Chanicut will sell absolutely anything, if the price is right. On the other hand, Chanicut also supplies a moderate number of diplomats - and some argue that there's not a great deal of difference between the two.

Significant and well-known members of House Chanicut presently include, among others, the Ambassador to Amber. This unenviable post is one sign pointed at by those who accuse Chanicut of harboring treason in their hearts. Another is Chanicut's notable absence from the forces fielded in the most recent battles of the Great War (but, to be fair, Chanicut has few forces more than their own security). A third is the House's blazon itself: the symbol is of a ship at sail upon a field of blue. Not unusual per se, but the ship is brown, and the sails white... and that and the blue together suggest Amber uncomfortably strongly in many minds.

Chanicut is currently headed by Duke Tubble.


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