Steel and mail and gilded crossbow
Feather of the ancient windbird
Wide as wonder, tall as starlight...

Lords of Earth and Lords of Fire



Eight years have passed since the coronation of King Random and Queen Vialle, and Amber seems to be at peace. The remaining Princes and Princesses have placed themselves more or less behind the Throne. The Golden Circle is tamed to an extent, the crises there manageable. Despite the war's depredations and the loss of many of Amber's menfolk, it is a time of relative prosperity.

In prosperity, gossip always thrives. So surely it's just an artifact of rumour. After all, no-one's ever looked askance at whispers of a royal affair before.

Then again, neither Oberon nor Eric was ever rumored to have slept with an ambassador from Chaos before.

And that's not the worst of what they're saying...


The Princes of Amber

Nobles and Castle Supporting Cast

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The quote at the head of this page is from "Elf Glade," by Meg Davis.